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Actes External

dimecres, 9 de desembre del 2020

De 15.00 h a 16.15 h


Here you can see the recording of the session

Here you can see the presentation of the session


Are you an expert in circular economy? Or a digital/ICT company which their solutions could apply to the circular economy domain?

If you need funding to develop your innovative solution join the webinar on December 9th to be informed and resolve Q&A about the DigiCirc call on Circular Cities. The call provides direct funding of 120.000 Euros to 5 different consortia (of at least 2 SMEs/start-ups) to develop innovative business solutions for Circular Cities. The objective of the funding is to set up a business plan and develop a prototype in view of a commercial launch.

Check the PDF one pager document attached to be informed of the challenges and sectors the call is addressed to. You will also find information about the minimum requirements to apply.

At the end of the webinar we will organize a 15-minutes networking session among the participants. The networking will allow you to introduce your company to other participants and look for potential ways of working together. We will divide the participants per groups and create virtual rooms. The groups will be focused on the sectors your technology/expertise is addressed to/could be addressed to.

Note: We will always try to assign you to your first sector priority option, however we might have to assign you to your second or third option depending on the capacity and dynamics of the groups to assure a successful networking.

ACCIÓ is organizing this virtual meeting as part of the Enterprise Europe Network activities. More than 600 business support organizations in 66 countries.
Innovació, tecnologia i R+D
Educació, formació i serveis editorials
/ Energia i recursos / Infraestructures i construcció / Mobilitat sostenible / Smart Cities
Webinar to inform and resolve Q&A about the Call to fund developments of innovative solutions aimed at challenges for Circular Cities.

Una PIMES o startup de l’àmbit de l’economia circular o tecnologies digitals.

15.00 h

Presentation of the DigiCirc call on Circular Cities by the coordinators

Mélanie Pellen, coordinator of the project at Cap Digital

Catarina Reis, F6S

Davide Guariento, IC Switzerland

15.45 h


La sessió serà en anglès.