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Divendres, 4 d'abril de 2014
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Vision2020: The Horizon Network will be holding its third Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) information event in Barcelona on 4th April 2014, hosted by LEITAT Technological Center. The theme of the event will be connecting SMEs with research and technology organisations in order to win funding from the €79 billion Euro Horizon 2020 European funding programme.

SMEs are one of the groups that stand to significantly benefit from Horizon 2020, and they will be allocated at least €7 billion Euros for research and innovation work. The EU is also making significant efforts to unlock the vast amount of valuable research and Intellectual Property that is held by universities and research centres across Europe, through fast-track to market schemes designed specifically for innovating SMEs.

Vision2020 is delighted to confirm that Samuel Maenhout (Policy Officer from DG Research & Innovation; SMEs, Financial Instruments and State Aid) will be a keynote speaker presenting opportunities in Horizon 2020 for SMEs, alongside representatives from the Spanish National Contact Point for SMEs, representatives of SMEs that are active in European research and innovation and a representative of the Vision2020 platform. This event is free for SMEs (one representative per SME).

The venue of the event will be held in the Sala Gaudí, located inside Casa Milà, popularly known as "La Pedrera", a most unusual building that was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1984. La Pedrera was constructed by the architect Antoni Gaudí, the Catalán architect best known for his imaginative style, and – of course – for his inimitable masterpiece, the unfinished Sagrada Familia.

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