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Actes External

Friday, 16 April 2021

From 11:00 to 13:00


The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Barcelona and the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw
organize a webinar dedicated to the URBAN GREEN TECHNOLOGIES exchanging the experiences of two innovative cities: Barcelona Gdansk.

Urban centers in Poland and in the world are developing dynamically, which is also associated with pressure on the natural environment. Already today, the 75% of greenhouse gas emissions come from there.

The conference will be an opportunity to reflect on how cities can continue their development, while reducing their negative impact on the environment and providing a decent and healthy living to their inhabitants.

The participants of the event will look at challenges, such as: investments in infrastructure or the use of available financing models. They will also learn lessons that have worked succeeded Polish cities such as Gdansk.

The priority topics of the agenda included, among others, air quality, adaptation to climate changes, changes in the energy model or mobility. One of the advanced urban adjustments represent cities of Gdansk and Barcelona (twinning cities).

Innovation, technology and R&D / Internationalisation
Circular Economy
/ Energy and Resources / Infrastructures and Construction / Sustainable Mobility / Smart Cities
The webinar is an opportunity to meet experts on sustainable development and innovative technologies, representatives of regional administration and Catalan institutions, business delegates and its environment, non-governmental organizations, research a and academic institutes.

Polish and Catalan Companies and R+D Centres.

See the associated documentation.


Language: English (optionally Spanish)