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Actes External

dimecres, 18 de novembre del 2020

De 10.15 h a 11.15 h



The Catalogue of Public Procurement of Innovation event is an online webinar where public bodies (local authorities, hospitals, ministries, etc.) will be able to present their unmet needs for the future, market consultations and tenders.

Public institutions will use this platform to announce their future Public Procurement of Innovation tenders that they expect to launch in 1-3 years' time, their open market consultations and their open or pending tenders.

This event will have an international outreach, with participating public bodies from Japan, Ecuador, Turkey, Finland, Austria, and Spain.

This event will become a viable space in which different organizations can participate and share needs and goals. Additionally, they will benefit from networking possibilities.

The main objective of this webinar is to provide a context where various bodies will be able to present their challenges that might be tackled with innovative solutions. As a consequence, it may be advantageous for other attending public bodies to create consortia and develop more sophisticated Public Procurement of Innovation tenders.

This session will take place in the Smart City Live.

ACCIÓ organitza aquest Brokerage Event en el marc d’activitats del projecte Enterprise Europe Network, del qual ACCIÓ forma part i que agrupa més de 600 organismes de suport a l’empresa a 66 països (Enterprise Europe Network).

Innovació, tecnologia i R+D
Big data, intel·ligència artificial i internet of things
/ Mobilitat sostenible / Salut i serveis sanitaris / Smart Cities / TIC i transformació digital
To create a viable space in which different organizations can participate and share needs and goals.

Public and private organizations as well as private sector companies and technological centres.