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Friday, July 2nd 2021

11:00 AM (CEST) - About 3 hours


An open and effective dialogue with the main scientific-technical players on the greatest challenges facing industry.

Science, technology, and knowledge at the service of pioneers in the application industries.

Expoquimia will prepare a 360º events, a meeting points for Scientifics projects, industrial startups, corporates, investors and technology partners with the aim to exchange knowledge, to disseminate the innovation and transform your project to a reality.


  • WELCOME - Ms. Pilar Navarro, Expoquimia
  • MODERATOR - Ms. Maite Ardèvol, ACCIÓSOLIGUARD: Salvador Lladó,Principal researcher, Applied Microbiology & Biotechnologies & Leitat
  • ROBINSON: Eduard Borràs,Senior Researcher in Environmental Biotechnology, ROBINSON, Leitat
  • REMtech: Raquel Garcia, REMTech&Universitat de Girona
  • Production and commercialization of bio-based PCMs: Edison Yara, Production and commercialization of bio-based PCMs., Universitat de Lleida
  • Cementos alternativos en el marco de una economía circular: Josep Maria Chimenos, Cementos alternativos en el marco de una economía circular & Universitat de Barcelona
  • FERTIMANURE: Mabel Mora FERTIMANURE, Universitat de Vic
Innovation, technology and R&D
Circular Economy
Event objective
UNPRECEDENTED Webinar Series sheds a light on the transformational challenges related to Circular Economy, Digitization and Tech Transfer. Together we have designed a series of online activities named Industrial Dialogues, aimed towards showcasing examples and solutions on how the sector will be able to overcome the challenges ahead.
Of interest to you if you are...

Engineers, biochemicals, chemicals, laboratory staff, CEO, researchers.


Language (session): English

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